The Meteorite

The Man in the Stone

The Meteorite.


I see our relationship as a meteorite.

She said.

There’s him and me…

And then there’s the meteorite

between us.


Sometimes it sinks.

Lies heavily on the ground.

If we can only lift it a little…

And then we lift it.


I don’t know why I get these images…

She said


I love images like that.

I said.

They hold so much.

You can’t express an image like that.

You feel it.

The image holds so much more

than the words.


I’m going to steal that image.

I thought.

Use it for myself.


The meteorite lying heavily on the ground,

ready to be lifted.

Lifting the relationship

between the two of us.


And him.

And us.


The space between us,

the relationship,


is like an alien.

I have no


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