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 Helping you heal and grow through divinely guided energy shifts and meditation


In a workshop, I work with a small group of people (4-12) seeking to enhance their intuition, discover their true passions, and cultivate their natural abilities and talents. We work with visualisations, meditations, and imagination, and employ our "superpowers" curiosity, playfulness, and investigation so that the participants become more aware of their inner voice and language, and come closer to their uniqueness as human beings and souls. 


It is a powerful, transformative and empowering journey, whether we only work for 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 weeks. It will change you and your group -  as we strengthen our listening abilities, intuitive decision-making, and harness our mutual respect and compassion.


Get in touch so we can discuss how to work together. You can contact me as an individual seeking to join a group put together by me, or as a group - friends, colleagues, or otherwise -  seeking to do the work together.


Note: A minimum of 3 participants are required to conduct a workshop.

Emma Hansen

Energy Readings

A beautiful soul-to-soul communication in which you are guided to release blocks, trauma, and limiting patterns and belief systems, rediscover your self-worth, and start living from a place of joy and love.


In a reading, you will gain clarity in the mechanisms that are holding you back, and how best to release them.


This is powerful energy work which I have opened up to and developed through my own healing process.

All is energy, and all can be shifted, provided you open up to the opportunity. I will work with you from a place of love and trust, and in deep respect for your unique healing journey and desires.

I also on occasion provide energy and hands-on healing.


Sometimes we get stuck in disruptive patterns in our relationships.

This can shift:

Through a joint energy reading, I work with you to release the stale patterns that disrupt your relationship, so that the love can start to flow freely between you again.

In the reading, we go beyond the blame and guilt, tap into the energies behind the patterns, and embrace the higher wisdom and awareness so the energies can shift.

Having both partners present in the reading is valuable, but not necessary.

Emma Hansen
Emma Hansen

Guided Meditations

By tuning in to the energies of the people present and the information given to her from the higher wisdom, Emma's guided meditations are almost more of a journey - a visualisation - allowing you to reconnect to your soul and innate wisdom at a profound level.

The meditations include powerful energy work, and the topic can either be determined ahead or intuitively tapped into in the moment.


The meditations are powerful healing visualisations, as Emma tunes in much the same way as in the readings.

Emma is happy to guide you individually or in groups, live or online.

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