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New introductory workshop on June 16!

deepen your intuition

This is your opportunity to start connecting to your natural superpowers (Yes! You, too, have them!) and inner wisdom!

We are all much greater and more powerful than we realise, and every one of us can create our lives in alignment with our innate wisdom - if we learn to listen to our inner voice.


Join us in this fun and uplifting introductory workshop to explore ways of tapping into your intuition and natural "psychic" abilities.


Emma will guide you through a handful of meditations, visualisations, and exercises that will aid you in your quest to live in alignment with your unique truth and passions.

You can have it all!

In this workshop, Emma draws on her vast experience as a healer, as well as from her own enlightening journey.



Time: Sunday June 16 at 10am - 12pm

Place: The workshop will be online 

Price: (Emmas) "Birthday Special" June offer: only 60 EUR!



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