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Emma Hansen

Be your own expression

Emma Hansen

Emma's Music

A classically trained musician from the Norwegian Academy of Music, Emma creates and performs her own music at the piano and with her voice. Partly composed and partly improvised, her music is without genre. “It isn’t pop, it isn’t jazz, it isn’t classical, it isn’t rock. It is you. And it was just what I needed” a member of her audience said. “Simply beautiful piano music”, said another. “I loved your singing!” said a third.

Her performances are meditative, playful, expressive, joyful, and contemplative. A journey full of twists and turns and surprises, all served with a personal story and a twinkle in the eye. She is a born entertainer, always intent on moving and communicating with the present audience.

Emma Rowena


 - they are not mine.        

“In all my performances I focus on the energy present in the moment. From this perspective I communicate with the audience through my music, but also verbally, sharing thoughts, experiences, and insights that come to me intuitively in my encounter with the people there.”


People have said:

«Beautiful, poetic, wise, funny, wondrous and at times right out magical!”  - Christian Scharning, TV director 

…such lovely music, so much poetry…” - Cathrin Gram, actress and musician

Thank you for a rich, varied, and evocative concert.” - Marianne Østengen, film director and rhetoric consultant

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