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Emma Rowena

Embracing a Life of Exploration,

Growth, and Healing!


"An Absolute gift of a Book for Everyone

From the moment I read the preface I knew I was about to read a very special book; one written from profound Love. Emma Rowena's words articulate what so many of us are trying to understand; our place, our purpose, and ultimately our divinity.
It's been a while since I've read a book that resonated so completely with what I know to be true.
Thank you, Emma." - Thom Walters of the Zen Commuter

Emma's book You. Me. And All That We Are is now available on Amazon and in bookstores near you!

Emma Rowena

About Emma

Emma is on a continuous journey of helping, healing, and creating a better life for herself and other people:

Inspired by motherhood and a sense of there being more to life than what she had been told, Emma Rowena, a British-Norwegian musician and performer, embraced her personal growth until she, in 2013, became a certified intuitive reader, healer, Theta Healing© practitioner, and meditation guide.

Whether you are looking to embrace your own greater wisdom, heal and rise from old wounds, make sense of your life path, or you're simply a lover of music, Emma welcomes you to her world. It is a world of magic, compassion, beauty, healing, and hope. It is a world of Love.

Emma Rowena
World peace must develop from inner peace."

- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Working with Emma

Emma Rowena
Emma Rowena Hansen
Emma Rowena Hansen

Readings and Guidance

A reawakened intuitive, Emma has discovered her passion for and ability to see and work with energies and higher guidance. For over a decade, she has helped her clients uncover their natural potential for healing, growth, and empowerment so they can create a better, more balanced, and joyful life - in tune with their true essence and light.

Emma works with individuals, couples, and groups in releasing trauma and limiting patterns and belief systems both in person and online. She will also guide you through empowering, healing meditations - live and onlie.

You. Me. And all that we are

Written as a soul-to-soul conversation between mother and son, You. Me. And All That We Are is a heartfelt account of her journey from a life in darkness and chaos, to an empowered life, embracing her worth, strength, and laughter.

It is a guide to her son and young people seeking guidance for their journey, but also to parents who are looking for ways to heal and grow themselves so they can be stronger and more loving parents and teachers to their children.

Music and Art

A classically trained musician, Emma has performed at venues all over Norway and abroad. She has worked with some of the most renowned performers in Norway, and now creates her own music.

Her first solo cd was released in May 2021, and she is at present working to develop an artistic and holistic academy and peace centre for children and young people..


“After a session with Emma, I feel newly ‘showered’ and cleansed within, and a calmness and joy stays with me for a long time. Emma has a unique gift… ”

-Therese, composer and performing artist

“I have been working with Emma for the past three years to achieve my professional goal of becoming a visionary, empathic and emotionally intelligent leader. With her guidance I have learnt to fully embody my feminine leadership qualities.”

 -Dr. Ekua Yankah Thought leader, Author & Senior UN consultant

“A fantastic solo concert… Elegant, playful, and heart-warming. A great experience for both heart and mind, with a good pinch of humour. Thank you!”

-Anette Ostrø, film director

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