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You. Me. And All That We Are.
You. Me. And All That We Are

Unveiling Your Life's Beauty and Magic


"An Absolute gift of a Book for Everyone

From the moment I read the preface I knew I was about to read a very special book; one written from profound Love. Emma Rowena's words articulate what so many of us are trying to understand; our place, our purpose, and ultimately our divinity.

What makes the reading experience even more beautiful are the exercises and audio meditations that accompany the written word. It's so clear that this book needed to be written, not just for Emma and Fredrik, but for all of us. This world has it's share of challenges, just like all of us, but with guidance like this from Emma, we and the planet will continue to grow. And not just grow, but flourish, until we fully understand our true power and gifts.

It's been a while since I've read a book that resonated so completely with what I know to be true.
Thank you, Emma."  

               -Thom Walters, the Zen Commuters


A Mother's Heartfelt Testimony to Her Son

A little over a decade ago, Emma was in the dark. She was the mother of a beautiful, strong son, and she loved him dearly, almost painfully. But she was in chaos. Her life was ridden with fear and self-loathing, and she felt she was failing in being a strong, wise guide for her son.

But then she was shown how to open up to her unique powers and wisdom.

Ever since before her son was born, he has been teaching Emma about life. He has taught her to love. He has taught her to listen and laugh, showing her how an embrace can be the best way out of an argument, and how going his own way is possible, even when at a very young age. He was as much her teacher as she was his.

You. Me. And All That We Are is an open, playful, and heartfelt account of her journey,

speckled with some of the most powerful and impactful tools and exercises she has gathered on her way.


Written partly as a mother-son soul-to-soul conversation, the book guides parents who want to point their children to a brighter, more balanced, and enlightened life, but don’t know how to lead them.


Parents always want something more; something better. For themselves, and more importantly for their children. The book will open them up to their superpowers: curiosity, playfulness, and intuition.


Emma invites her readers to tap into their own wisdom and listen to their inner truth, to investigate for themselves, and with their loved ones, all that they can be and know.


It’s an exhilarating journey; honest and human; uplifted and Divine. It will remind you of who you are, and give you the confidence and courage to follow your own lead, and to trust and explore the unseen.

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